The those who added us Obama Cam and the Twilight New Moon sound board have in the end unleashed their a lot expected Tiger Woods Cam. The results up to now are mixed, however considering that it is most effective the first generation released with the aid of Diligent Labs it’s far pretty first rate and greater than a little hilarious.

The Tiger Woods Camera Android app works in similar regard to the unique Obama Cam. There are a wide kind of poses and every now and then awkward positions that Tiger will locate himself in all through the utilization of this a laugh application.

The app works thru a digital camera photograph overlay process. This system lets in Tiger to be visible on the viewing part of the android smartphone digital camera in any way of situations. The hilarity ensues whenever an thrilling shot offers itself.

Tiger can be visible bending over, kissing the air, swinging a golf membership, in addition to merely smiling and jocking for the camera. The quantity of uses for this are limitless however some virtually exciting things which have cropped up are humans which have had him kissing just about everybody or whatever they can consider from a gold fish to edited photographs of Michelle Obama; communicate approximately scandal within the White House!

While there are some bugs and other kinks that also need to be labored out of the device it’s miles a solid start on an interesting way to poke fun at the sector around you. Each of the insects or system defects located is being cataloged by means of the makers of the Tiger Woods Camera Android App for his or her subsequent generation of it. Some regarded problems are the incapacity to work with android flash and some picture Download Episodes Mod APK  gallery related problems. In future iterations this could be constant and greater pictures of the previously squeaky clean photograph bearing Tiger could be available.

The app is a free download from Diligent labs that is a 576.1 KB and on maximum websites that have reviewed it the blended opinions have more or less ended up giving it a four out of five stars regardless of the minor issues it may have at this primary launch stage in its improvement. The Tiger Woods Camera Android app has reignited the celebrity camera app craze over again and already human beings are calling for even more celebrities like Shaq, Bill Clinton, and Jennifer Aniston.

There are a huge variety of web sites where the photographs taken on this way can be shared. The maximum common are Twitter and Picasa accompanied by numerous e-mail applications that many people use. With such rapid sharing there are already humans beginning to broaden fan web sites for this form of thing inside the hopes that the trend will seize on.

Over all no matter the few small glitches that could crop up with the program in this early new release it’s far a well designed and humorously enjoyable android app. The Tiger Woods Camera Android app has without a doubt earned a well deserved four out of five stars. Once the minor issues are fixed this can be a 5 star app in its entirety.

Some cellphone apps are more amusing than others. Tiger Woods is a great goal for building a humorous app for. The Writer John Magnett is a impartial era writer and self proclaimed geek. John has been following the most recent tech for forty years. Buying the most modern cellular telephones and reviewing them has made him a favourite creator on web sites like LG Android Phones [http://lgandroidphone.Com] and Nexus One Developers Phone [http://nexuscellphone.Com]. Other hobbies of John’s are writing Android Applications and building web sites that target The Android Operating System. This positioned him a ideal situation for teaching others about Android Phones and the OS. This would include

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