A home theater system can set you back several thousand dollars; after all, there are many components to consider when designing the ideal home entertainment theater for your family. To begin with, you’ll need a High-Definition TV, either a flat panel HDTV, Plasma HDTV, LCD TV or a projector to set your home theater system up right. Check out our plasma television and LCD TV links below for shopping tips and a plasma TV buyers guide.

Next, your home theater system will need a video source, the DVD player, with surround sound. Since technology today is getting more and more advanced, most DVD players already have Dolby Digital Surround Sound.  The best home theater system receivers support multiple digital formats such as Dolby Digital, DTS, THX Surround EX and AC-3. This type of home theater receiver can easily be connected to a majority of popular HiFi players so, compatibility and connectivity is not an issue. Having an iptv subscription Uk for your home theater if you are living in United Kingdom is always going to be a plus.

Surround sound home theater speakers are critical when building a virtual cinema in your home. Home theater speakers come in 5 pieces; 2 front speakers, 2 rear speakers and a center speaker to complete the surround quality movie theater sound. Proper positioning when installing home theater speakers is imperative to achieve perfect sound distribution, especially if you purchased a Bose Home Theater System or a Magnolia Home Theater System.  Surround sound speaker placement is important because every speaker produces different sounds at the same time. Check out our home theater speaker article below for a detailed look at speakers design choices.

Designing a home theater requires more than just buying the right plasma tv and a DVD player, you need to think about wall covering, lighting, furniture and home theater seating. After all, you need a comfy seat to make your family’s home theater viewing experience complete.


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