Floor in the house it’s the easiest thing to get dirty. Because it is a place where dust , dirt and stains must be supported almost all the time. It is a part that needs to be cleaned frequently. more than the rest of the house

Many houses use tiles for laying in the local area. Because there are many patterns and colors to choose from. according to the satisfaction of the homeowner

But the tiles for the floor It is divided into two types:

  1. Ceramic tiles

Often used in kitchens and bathrooms, it is durable and easy to clean. Therefore, it is quite suitable for these 2 rooms.

  1. Rubber tiles

Most of them will be used as the floor of the living room and bedroom. The advantage is that it is cheaper than ceramic. and the floor is soft But there is a disadvantage Can be damaged quite easily.

How to clean tiles

  1. For thorough cleaning Should manage to store things in the desired area. Get out as early as you can.
  2. No matter what kind of floor Should start by sweeping all the dust out first. by using a broom Or you can use a vacuum cleaner.
  3. When all the dust has been swept out Use a floor scrubber. To moisten the cleaning solution in this section, depending on the nature of the tile. that is suitable for any type of liquid Therefore, you should study the information of the products to be used first. because if used improperly May result in damage to the tiles. or must be deteriorated ahead of time

3.1 Cleaning of ceramic tiles

You may also use a normal cleaner. But if the stain is very dense Try using a stronger potion. But it must be tested in a small area first.

To see the reaction of the cleaning solution, whether scrubbing is effective or harmful to the tile surface or not. and should not take time to clean too long or too long

3.2 Cleaning rubber tiles

Usually, a cloth moistened with plain water is enough. And should use wax to scrub the tile every 15 days, it will help make cleaning easier.

The important thing to remember is If dirt marks on the tiles come up you should hurry to find a way to get rid of them. Don’t let the stain dry for too long because it will cause the stain to be removed It will be more difficult, sure enough.

It is possible that you may not find proper time to do this yourself. In such case, it is advised to look for other cleaning companies which can help you while taking cleaning of your place to the next level. You should get quotes for cleaning services beforehand and always select the best cleaning services in London or elsewhere.

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