Fleet management software is a tool that functions to allow the trucking company to reduce or minimize the risk associated with all the vital parameters to run a business smoothly without violating the regulations set by FMCSA and DOT. This means the companies can increase productivity and comply with the government regulations by organizing and coordinating with the concerned authority.

FleetDrive 360 is a one-stop solution for improved visibility and management. The single dashboard provides visibility to all vital parameters with remote monitoring. It notifies any issues via email or a text message on your smartphone.

The factors mentioned below must be considered before subscribing to any fleet management software if you are into the trucking business.

  1. Driver History:

Drivers are essential to keep the trucking business moving, but one cannot hire a driver with poor records. FD360 includes an option to invite new drivers, view their applications, trigger previous employer inquiries, conduct drug & alcohol tests, keep an eye on HOS violations, manage MVR and medical reports.

2.Clearing House Registration:

Clearinghouse is a secure online database that gives employers real-time information about CDL-CLP holders’ drug and alcohol program violations. FD360 direct communication with FMCSA will help you scan all the details of the drivers being hired and choose the one who suits your job requirements.

3.Vehicle Maintenance:

Managing a vehicle is the most significant task when your fleet is vast. FD360 has features to keep track of vehicle registration, inspection, and lease expiration.

4.Accident Details:

DOT authorities can catch hold of your vehicle and ask for his maintenance and accident record while on the road. FD360 can maintain all the forms of your vehicle and make you paperless on the go.

5.Report Generation:

 FMCSA & DOT regularly requires a customized report of your trucking business. FD360 can generate that report with a single click.

6.Document Cloud Storage:

Upload all your essential documents onto the cloud and find them easily anywhere, anytime.




We have designed the software to eliminate major compliance-related pain points for drivers, fleet owners, and compliance managers by identifying and resolving the above problems. The primary goal is to make DOT Compliance for your fleet efficient, automated and take back useful time to focus on the business.

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